Great Dads Do Sandwich Art

Dr. Michael Wood Jr.
6 min readNov 3, 2020

How I bonded with my daughter and created memories

I do not remember exactly how it started, and I do not remember my motivation.

There is something about my generation. We had a lot of bad fathers and want to be different. We never had someone show us how to be, but we receive plenty of lessons on how not to be.

There have probably been examples of where I failed in learning to be a dad. Still, I think doing this sandwich art was a successful exploration of trying to be that better dad many of us wish we had.

Here is what I did, and I am no artist.

Went to Wally World and grabbed food coloring. I was just using the basics, neon, and black is a must. Though this kit looks very promising.

I would then get up a little early every school day and toast some bread. It is critical to toast it. It just cannot be done on untoasted bread.

Take the toasted bread and start painting with a dry brush type technique. All I mean by this is that our medium is bread. We cannot soak it in water. Use…